Paige Peterson Photography 


                    photo by Bonnie Carrender

"This is one of the best and most beautiful photographs of its kind.”

Khalid Alturki

Alturki Group

“Enjoy Paige Peterson's portraits, flowers, travel--inspire your days with visions of beauty.” 

Judy Collins

Singer, Songwriter

"Peterson is a real triple threat, a very good photographer, a damn good artist and her books are great!”

Neil Leifer

Sports Photographer 

"Paige’s stunning wildlife photography showcases some of the earth’s most magnificent animals. She has the ability to inspire curiosity and wonder into her pictures, and engages all of us who have a passionate commitment to wildlife and our natural environment.”

Aphrodite Caserta

Safari West

“Paige has an artist’s eye that captures the unique and unexpected — like the eye of a rhinoceros.”

Jay Wiley


“Paige knows when to click the shutter button. Her eye is impeccable. This is the definition of an ‘artist.’”

Lucy Arnaz

Actress, Singer, Producer

"A photographer's brief moment of tunnel vision into the milieu; empathy and opportunity collide. With gritty humor this self effacing image alludes to the promise, boundaries and ultimate transience of photographic captures." 

Peter Rockrise


"Whatever the subject or medium, it's PP's consistent eye that shines through her work. Without her energetic, creative, loving, receptive, honest spirit behind the camera or the canvas or the keyboard, none of that can come to life, but that spirit is what shines through the work in abundance.” 

Michael Nikolajuk 


"Paige Peterson is an amazing photographer."

Saleh Ali Al Turki

Mayor of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"Peterson has a natural, unforced way to make her photos stunningly timeless and multidimensional.” 

Dr. Saad Alsubaie


“Paige Peterson’s photographs capture the beauty in the world around us, which is how she herself sees the world.”     

Mary Pfaff-Stengel

“Paige’s photographs are masterfully clear and precise yet veiled in a shroud of mystery - a very rare combination.”

Greta Weil Conway



all images © Paige Peterson