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by Christopher Cerf and Paige Peterson
Illustrated by Paige Peterson


Paige Peterson and Christopher Cerf  

photo by Diane Smith

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Blackie The Horse Who Stood Still

Blackie is the stubbornly motionless equine hero of author's Christopher Cerf and Paige Peterson’s delightful and touching biography-in-verse, "Blackie, The Horse Who Stood Still."


This (mostly) true tale is the heart-warming story of a horse who made standing stock-still a lifelong endeavor — as a champion rodeo horse, a tourist favorite at Yosemite Park, a legendary environmental crusader and the beloved mascot of one of America’s most beautiful towns, Tiburon, California.  


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Magically illustrated by Peterson’s lyrical paintings, "Blackie, The Horse Who Stood Still"  is destined to become a children’s classic. The playful, clever, rhyming text will charm adults and children alike, while it quietly delivers an important message about appreciating and preserving the natural beauty around us.


"Blackie is a beautiful and touching story, told in rhyme by Chris Cerf and Paige Peterson. Unforgettable as the tale is, the artwork by Ms. Peterson is even more so. Long after you've read the book, you will remember the stunning pictures, illustrating the events of Blackie's life. This book will be admired and enjoyed by adults and cherished by children. An instant classic!"

Joan Ganz Cooney 
Co-founder of Sesame Workshop
and originator of Sesame Street


"In the season of long trips to Grandma's, new books with animal appeal are perfect for taming the young folk. Inspired by a lovably balky horse who was the pride of Tiburon, California, this sweet picture book depicts stubbornness as a virtue."

Michelle Green
People Magazine

"Both the poetry and illustrations make this beautiful book a favorite of my grandsons and other children I have read it to here in Saudi Arabia. The story of this stubborn horse, told with such spark, makes it clear to children that you can be different from everyone else and still contribute and be loved for what you are."

Dr. Sally Alturki
Educator in Saudi Arabia


Paige, Chris and the incomparable Tina Keane


School Reading


"It is amazing that someone as active as Paige Peterson can so ably depict the virtues of standing still. She is without question a multi-faceted and multi-talented person. Her sweet illustrations are a pleasing complement to Chris Cerf’s presentation of a simple but meaningful story. What many readers of Blackie, The Horse Who Stood Still may not know is that our energetic Paige is always moving in pursuit of support for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. To put it simply and meaningfully, we are in awe of her talents and creativity." 

Jon M. Huntsman
Founder, Huntsman Cancer Institute


"Standing still never made so much sense.The journey of a thousand miles ends with one horse who demanded to stand still. I'll give it a try tomorrow, but I've to run today. Oh, right, I missed the point. Stillness is an art cleverly celebrated by Chris and Paige in this charming tale of determination and tenacity. A lesson for all." 

Thomas Schumacher
Disney Theatrical Group


"Illustrator Paige Peterson and Sesame Street co-creator Christopher Cerf have a message for overscheduled children: Slow down. They've created a beautiful new book, Blackie, about a real horse who liked to do...nothing."

Rush & Molloy
New York Daily News


"For a story about a horse that stands still, Blackie is wonderfully moving! It's a heartwarming reminder -- to children and adults alike -- about the preciousness of patience, dependability and love. Christopher Cerf's wordplay is mischievous and delightful, and Paige Peterson's paintings are simply breathtaking. I love this book!"

Marlo Thomas
Actress, Author, Activist


"Oh, Blackie, my hero. You truly can stand put in a fast-moving world and still succeed. Thank you, Paige, for your tender illustrations, and Chris, for such inspiring words. This tale will be told to my grandchildren over and over."

Lynn Sherr
ABC News


"If you're the horsey type, try Christopher Cerf and Paige Peterson's inspiring work Blackie: The Horse Who Stood Still. If you loved Ferdinand the Bull, then your kids will love Blackie as seen by Cerf and Peterson."

Liz Smith
New York Post 


"Blackie is the heroic antidote to our frenetic society, a guide to parents who often feel they must enrich and enhance their children’s development at every turn. Blackie stands still, knows the value of observation and reflection, of being in the world, not always acting upon it. Children innately know this, too. Parents, read with your children about this horse who will help you preserve in their up-bringing a necessary environment of calm."

Owen Lewis, M.D.
Child Psychiatrist


"This extraordinary collaboration between two brilliant artists--one with pictures and one with words--is a pleasure to read on many levels. It's a beautiful book about a horse, but it's also a thrilling story about the value of stillness and the wisdom of animals. In our hurly burly world it's a wonderful thing to take a moment to absorb Paige Petersen's beautiful paintings and the sly sage teachings of this wonderful story. We should all stand still sometimes, and this book shows us how--it should be required reading for children and adults."

Susan Cheever


photo by Diane Smith

"Written in joyful and irresistible rhyme, and presented in gorgeous and vivid llustrations, Blackie is the captivating story of a horse who teaches children and adults alike the lessons of endurance, of adherence to one's principles, and of the steadfastness of love. Together Paige Peterson and Chris Cerf have created a magical, whimsical, and triumphant real-life fable--a tour de force of the heart."

Adam Davies

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