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photo by Brandon Remler

photo by Jeff Hirsch

New York City Studio

California Studio

photo by Jonathan Becker

East Hampton Studio

Represented by Gerald Peters Gallery, NYC

Lifetime member of the prestigious

Guild Hall Academy of the Arts, East Hampton, NY



"Paige Peterson's work continues and even updates a Pop-minimalist tradition that includes such practitioners as Will Barnet and Alex Katz. Her particular use of negative space, however, is personal and distinctive. It seems both to conceal and project a certain emotional content and even hint at an underlying narrative. Peterson’s paintings are quietly provocative and elegant"

Barbara MacAdam

Black and White Towels

Black and White  

48" x 96"

Beetle Cats Green - 36_x48_

Beetle Cats 

36" x 48"


"Paige. Radiating light and cheer with a discerning creative eye. A colorist. With pen, camera and canvas.”

Louis Nelson. 

Strategist, Designer, Artist.

Sausalito - 48_x 96_


48" x 96"

“Paige’s creative vision abounds with the joy of color and a liveliness of spirit that leaves the viewer glad to be in the presence of her artistry.”

Father Alexander Karloutsos

Protopresbyter of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America


Red Moon

30" x 40"

“Paige’s paintings are a triumph of form and color, revealing a powerful sense of aliveness."

Phillip Moffitt 




48" x 60"

"Paige is a Palace of Fine Arts Lady."

Tony Bennett



Indian Creek

48" x 60"

“I want to wake up to this painting, with its serenity, its light, its depth and its peace.” 
Lena Tabori


Vermont Forest

36" x 49"


White Flower

11" x 14"


Red Fortuny Vase

24" x 30"


Blue Fortuny Vase

24" x 30"

“The colors and the compositions in her artwork just make me happy. Peterson is a real talent.”
Art Gensler


36" x 48"

"Paige's paintings have a distinct harmony, whether the subject is nature, a still life, or people, she absorbs and reflects their essence."         

Peter Duchin




36" x 58"


“Artists paint landscapes to capture a feeling of the place—they paint portraits that distill some quality of the face— Paige Peterson often removes the place from the painting and includes very little of the face— and still manages to convey something essential and fleeting about people in that strangest of domains—with themselves.”

Ross Anderson



Lavender Skies

30" x 40"

"I fell in love with this painting from the moment I saw it and had to have it in my home. The colors and gentle strokes bring me a sense of peace and serenity."

Lisa McCubbin  



Spit of Land

30" x 40"


"Over the years, as I’d looked at Paige Peterson's work, I was amazed. Her styles changed – radically. The only common thread was excellence."

Jesse Kornbluth



24" x 36"

“What I most enjoy in Paige Peterson’s canvases is her irrepressible energy and her unexpected bursts of humor. One of my favorites—an image of a young boy, jumping for joy right ‘out of frame’—is a perfect example.”

Christopher Cerf

Author, Composer, and Producer


My Girl with Jack

18" x 24"


My Boy with Jack

18" x 24"


Purple Cottage

36" x 48"

“Paige graced us with a beautiful painting of a purple cottage set against a green landscape.  Its simplicity provides a refuge for the soul; its contrast energizes and starts a conversation: What is home? We look at it every day, many times a day.  It never gets old; it only gets better.”
Andre Boissier
Film Producer



Lone Lemon  

36" x 48"

Red Sky

36" x 48"

"A great artist it seems to me captures not just a subject but a particularly telling moment in the subject's life. As Picasso said, 'I paint to find out what I think.' Discovering what Paige Peterson thinks is always interesting indeed."

Nancy Collins


Bottle Stock

36” x 48”

"The most wonderful hint of Morocco."

Gerald Peters

Gerald Peters Gallery


Filigree Sky   

 36” x 48”

“Paige Peterson’s paintings are not only beautiful to look at but stay in your memory long after you have left the exhibition.”

Joan Rivers




16” x 24”

"I have known Paige for more than 45 years, and have enjoyed watching her painting, photography, and writing talents evolve. So few can master one of these skills.  She's mastered them all."

Peter Lang

Owner & Founder of Safari West



 30” x 40”

“Every so often an artist stands out from the mass of painters. It is difficult to tear one’s eyes away from the paintings, her style is confident and consistently outstanding.”

Deborah Y. Molinar
Tiburon Fine Art Gallery

IMG_3603 2.jpg


30” x 40”

“It’s so refreshing to tell you that the artist Paige Peterson isn’t starving in a garret. She is as beautiful and attractive as the pictures she paints. I love the glimpse of junior Hockney in her touch and the fresh vibrant energy of her summer-touched revels as she brings sky and water to meet on the horizon.”

Liz Smith

Syndicated Columnist