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Design client Katrina vanden Heuvel writes:

“Paige Peterson is a woman of sensational sensibility and common sense.

She is that rare person who has grace, elegance, taste and the ability to put together a design plan that works. Too many designers make people conform to their tastes and desires. Paige works with you — not above you or around you — to create the apartment or house you and your family wish to live in.

IMG_9387 4.jpg

I speak from first-hand experience. Paige helped me create a living room that is beautiful and livable. For the first time, I enjoyed entertaining — and living — in a room that had been a mess until Paige took charge, One of the many reasons I enjoyed working with Paige was her sensitivity, at all times, to my needs, concerns, and tastes. I must add, however, that she also has an uncanny ability to guide you, gently but firmly, to what she knows will work better. Never, ever, did she act like a grand dame — a role too many of our contemporary designers prefer.


She is also a designer who can work with any budget. That’s a skill that too few designers have, and one that many people of limited means but grand ambitions will find of great value.


Her imagination and creativity has shaped her own beautiful apartment in Manhattan. Her understanding of colors, of fabric and space — she is a painter in addition —contributes to her sense of style and design.


Paige is a woman of terrific stye and enduring elegance.”

“Paige Peterson is as stylish as they come. She’s glamorous in the true sense — and her sparkle is contagious. She’s a generous teacher and a brilliant designer. She does things with the kind of warm humor and grace that makes them look easy.  She’s gorgeous to watch, but it’s her loving, funny spirit that makes her truly an original.”

Susan Cheever


Photo by Michael Nikolajuk

all images © Paige Peterson

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